Sharing systems for electric bikes.

Our climate is changing and our biodiversity is disappearing at a rapid rate. Cities and regions are being confronted with increased congestion, parking problems and bad air quality.

Governments, cities and organisations across the world are looking for affordable and sustainable mobility alternatives.

Time for a change! A change that helps organisations, supports workers and preserves our planet.

In close collaboration with various market parties (vehicle fleet operators, hotel chains, governments and NGOs), ConnectBike has developed a unique, full-service sharing system for electric bikes within the B2B market.

We offer our riders a combination of comfort, performance and design. By opting for electric bikes as an organisation, your organisation will help increase the vitality of your employees or guests. While at the same time making a substantial contribution to mobility, liveability and air quality in your city or region.

Companies &
Specially for businesses and institutions, we’ve developed
an affordable and sustainable mobility solution that your
employees can use for business trips and/or their work

In collaboration with the hospitality sector, we’ve developed a sharing system for electric bikes that’s hassle-free for your employees. This sharing system also offers your guests an affordable and sustainable mobility solution.

The way to go, together.
We believe in a better world. Every day we take one step closer to optimising our electric
bikes, so that you’ll never want to ride anything else.
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