Electric delivery bike.

Our Deliver-E+ by Giant was specially designed for delivery companies. It’s made for intensive use and maximum comfort. Take your deliveries to a higher level thanks to:


A strong engine

And intelligent components

Curious about our Deliver-E+ delivery bike?
Test 1 week for

Take a test drive without any obligation. We will bring our electric delivery bike to your location, so you can test it for a whole week. Experience what it is like to make a carefree delivery. 

The advantages of our electric delivery bike.

When leasing a delivery bike, the bikes are delivered ready for use. delivered ready to ride. From the system to the personalised styling, so that you can You can get on your electric bike right away. The only thing you have to think about The only thing you need to think about is taking the key out of the lock. Every 6 to 8 weeks, our bike technician will visit you, so you can enjoy using your delivery bike for as long as possible. Never come to a standstill. 


Our electric bikes were designed for optimal functioning in diverse situations, environments and weather circumstances.


We continually invest in our people, in knowledge, new technologies, product development and forms of collaboration, through which we continuously search for maximum deployment of sustainable mobility.


All of our activities are aimed at making a long-term, positive contribution at the economic, social, cultural and ecological levels.


In addition to the quality we deliver, we are also affordable. We charge a fixed price per month, so that you know exactly what you can expect.

All-in service.

*With proper use of the bike

Lease prices.

We automatically schedule preventive maintenance. After all, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. What if your electric bike breaks or is stolen? No worries. These costs are included in the fixed amount you pay per month as well. This way you’ll never encounter any unpleasant surprises. 

Softbox 50L

Hardbox 85L

Hardbox 120L

Delivery boxes.

Personalise, add and combine. Complete your electric delivery bike with our assortment of delivery boxes for transporting meals and groceries.

Which delivery box matches your business? Click on the boxes on the left side and check out the various combinations on the bike!

Questions about our delivery bike?

Depending on the duration of the lease contract, the number of bicycles and the accessories (delivery box and/or stickers) ordered with the bicycle, a price will be calculated. If you would like a customised proposal, please request it via: here

Is your delivery bike broken or stolen? No worries. These costs are also included in the fixed monthly amount. As a result, you will never be faced with any surprises. 

We offer full-service E-bikes for worry-free delivery. A premium delivery bike with premium service on location for a fixed lease amount per month. Our service guarantees maximum uptime of the delivery bike. We carry out preventive maintenance every 6 to 8 weeks and ensure fast handling of incidental service calls. This way, the E-bikes are always ready for use!

Putting together a delivery bike is very easy. You can choose a colour (white or black) for the electric delivery bike. It’s also possible to mount a delivery box on the delivery bike and provide this bike with stickers with your own logo. In the order form (hyperlink) you can easily indicate these specifications yourself. 

Test 1 week for free!
Curious about our Deliver-E+ delivery bike? Take it for a test drive, no strings attached.
We will bring our electric delivery bike to your location, so you can test it for a whole
Experience what it is like to deliver carefree.

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We bring our electric delivery bike to your location, so you can test it for a whole week. Experience what it’s like to make a carefree delivery.

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