Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Welcome to our FAQ section, where we answer all your queries about ConnectBike’s services. Discover essential information about our eco-friendly electric bikes, delivery process, pricing, and more. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of common questions to make your experience with us seamless and enjoyable. Find the answers you seek and embark on a smooth and convenient journey with ConnectBike. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team.

Our Giant delivery E-bikes have quickly become the go-to choice for restaurants, takeaways, logistics and parcel delivery companies, along with many other last-mile businesses, thanks to their robust construction and reliable performance. From takeaways to clothing deliveries, chances are, it’s being delivered on one of our bikes!

To lease one of these outstanding E-bikes, simply enter into a 3-year contract with us. Click on the ‘Request a Quote’ button on our website, or email us directly at Feel free to select any additional accessories you’d like to enhance your E-bike experience, and we’ll incorporate them into your personalized, no-obligation quote. We endeavor to respond to all requests promptly.

Don’t want to jump straight into a 3 year contract? Sure and we totally understand, so we offer a 2 week free bike trial period for you to test in your operations and see the amazing bike do its magic and see the benefits yourself. this is a free no obligation test ride

Alternatively, we can arrange for a full consultation on how we can help electrify your fleet and logistics.

We completely understand if you’d prefer not to commit immediately to a 3-year contract. That’s why we’re more than happy to offer you a free, no-obligation test or pilot phase. Experience firsthand the remarkable performance and numerous benefits our ConnectBike can bring to your operations. Simply email your request to, and we’ll swiftly arrange it for you.

On delivery of your pilot bike, our expert technicians will also provide a comprehensive training session to ensure your staff members are fully comfortable and confident in operating our bike. After all, their firsthand experience and feedback will be invaluable in informing your decision.

In addition, we’re ready to offer a full consultation on how we can support the electrification of your fleet and logistics. Our expert team can conduct a thorough analysis of your operations and provide tailored solutions and advice. We’re here to help you transition smoothly and efficiently into a greener future!

Dealing with an issue or requiring a repair for your E-bike? That’s exactly what we’re here for! We’ve made the process straightforward – simply scan the repair booking QR Code provided by ConnectBike, input your details, and one of our dedicated ConnectBike Technicians will arrive at your location to resolve the issue.

If you don’t have access to the QR Code or have misplaced it, fear not! Our expert Operations Team, proficient in problem-solving, are just an email away at

We take immense pride in being recognized for having one of the quickest repair response times in the industry, ensuring your fleet operates at peak efficiency with minimal downtime. In fact, we manage to resolve 90% of repairs within 24 hours!

And if by chance we can’t fix the bike on-site the same day, rest assured we’ll provide you with a replacement bike to keep you moving!

At ConnectBike, we aim to maintain a consistent monthly charge for your convenience.

Should there be any damages or repairs needed for the bikes, our skilled technicians endeavor to fix the bike using its existing parts which comes at no cost to you. However, in instances where new parts are necessary due to misuse, you’ll be billed for the cost of those parts and a call-out fee to cover expenses.

Your monthly invoice may include the following charges: the lease amount for your bicycle(s), any fees for new parts required due to damage, and any applicable call-out charges.

At ConnectBike, we honor our agreements. We provide full-service care, preventative maintenance, and cover theft risks, trusting that you’ll handle the bike with the same level of care. We strive for transparency and fairness in all our billing practices.

Our package includes theft insurance, provided the bike was appropriately locked at the time of the theft.

Should your bike be stolen, our dedicated theft recovery team will make every effort to retrieve it. If the bike is recovered but has sustained extensive damage, you will be charged a call-out fee, plus the cost of any new parts required to restore the bike to a safe and roadworthy condition for your staff and operations.

Please note, a £100 fee applies for the successful recovery of the stolen bike. We take every measure to ensure the security of our bikes while also maintaining clear and fair terms for our insurance coverage.

Our goal is to ensure that your fleet is on the road as swiftly as possible. Typically, we aim to deliver your bikes within 30 days of the contract signing. This, of course, may vary slightly depending on the scale of your order and the number of delivery destinations.

We maintain a ready stock of bikes, ensuring we can react promptly to your needs. The brief lead time that we account for is to allow for the creation of custom branding for your bikes.

Here’s an overview of the steps we follow once the contract is signed:

  1. 1. We initiate due diligence checks on your company and liaise with you if further information is required.
  2. 2. Each bike undergoes preliminary checks, and the order for your branding materials is placed.
  3. 3. The GPS tracker is fitted and its signal tested on each bike.
  4. 4. Your branding is applied to the Dress Guard, Battery, and Delivery Box.
  5. 5. The D Lock and C Lock are fitted, and two sets of spare keys are cut and tagged for your convenience (we retain a master copy should you require replacement keys).
  6. 6. The Pizza Box is fitted and subjected to weight quality control checks.
  7. 7. Our UK Senior Mechanic oversees very strict final Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) checks, including battery testing.
8. A delivery schedule is formulated and approval is given by customer.  9. Your bikes, now meticulously prepared and ready to enhance your operations, are delivered to your chosen locations.

Our process is designed to be thorough yet efficient, ensuring you receive your bikes ready to hit the road.

Maintenance is an integral part of our service and we’ve made the process effortless for you. Rather than requiring you to monitor and request bike servicing, our fleet management system proactively schedules this every 8 weeks.

You and your store/location team will receive an alert on the day of the service. This notification will include the time slot and the name of the mechanic who will be attending, so there won’t be any unexpected surprises!

Rest assured, our operations team is always ready to assist should you have any queries. They can be reached at Our aim is to keep your bikes running at their best, ensuring uninterrupted service for your business.

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