Service and

We take care of our customers. We offer a full service & preventive maintenance every 8 weeks.

Our response time for any repair request is one of the fastest in the industry, ensuring your fleet is operational with minimum downtime.


Annual full service and maintenance




Repairs fixed under 24 hours

Delve into the realm of ConnectBike’s world-class service. Our seasoned mechanics meticulously ensure every aspect of your e-bike, from cog to wire to bolt, performs flawlessly. Employing a stringent checklist and precise criteria, they conduct comprehensive on-site inspections, guaranteeing unrivalled reliability, safety, and performance. Each motor check, each tyre pressure calibration is executed with expert precision, and no detail escapes their vigilant gaze. As we forge ahead, unwavering in our commitment to uphold the gold standard in service, we continuously innovate and improve. The journey towards excellence is constant, with each completed task setting a new benchmark. At ConnectBike, excellence is not an aim; it is our promise, our norm, and the pulse that drives our unparalleled service.

Roadside assistance.

If you break down on the road in the Netherlands, then our ANWB roadside assistance will try to get to you within 60 minutes to resolve the problem. Roadside assistance does not carry any spare parts but can resolve issues such as tightening assembly hardware, replacing an inner tube or removing keys from the lock. If roadside assistance cannot resolve the issue, please contact us. 

Terms and conditions of delivery.

Correct delivery

The electric bike is delivered in 100% roadworthy condition, from the system to personalised styling, so that you can use your electric bike immediately. The only thing you need to think about is removing the key from the lock.

Preventive maintenance

Every 8 weeks our Bike Technician pays you a visit to ensure you can enjoy using your electric bike for as long as possible.

Fixed amount per month

You pay a fixed amount per month. No additional costs are charged for maintenance. As long as you take good care of our bike, you’ll never have to pay extra costs. We’ll do the rest.

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We bring our electric delivery bike to your location, so you can test it for a whole week. Experience what it’s like to make a carefree delivery.

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